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Thank you for considering me for crafting your one of a kind piece of DNA & Breastmilk keepsake jewlery. Please feel free to look through the jewelry pieces I offer to get and idea of what you would like. Please read through ALL of the FAQ's before submitting your order. If you still have a question unanswered please feel free to email me through my contact page. 


What can I put in my jewelry?


Keepsake jewelry can be made from almost anything. I specialize in inclusions such as breastmilk, formula or milk substitute. Locs of baby's hair, dehydrated placenta and ground umbilical cord stump. If you have a question about an inclusion I haven't listed please feel free to contact me about setting up a specialized order.


How do I order and how long does it take?


Breastmilk and DNA jewelry is such a personal and meaningful experience, that I prefer to make a one-on-one connection with my clients from the moment they decide they want me to craft their piece. Being a small business, I don't have any employees or artisans working underneath me. This means your experience starts and ends with me. Sumbit your order through the checkout process. I can gain a good understanding of what your dream piece looks like, and we can create something unique together. I will then contact you to clarify any details and to give sending  instructions. Jewelry turnaround time begins when I receive the inclusion item in the mail. Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks depending on the piece and volume of orders which are filled in order of which I receive inclusions  but is often done sooner. Holidays are often longer.

When do I pay for my order?

Payment is made in full at the time of ordering.


Can you use old breastmilk?


Yes! Breastmilk jewelry is so amazing because I don’t need fresh breastmilk! Anything works as long as it doesn't have mold- milk that is expired, old, tainted with medication, pumped after drinking alcohol, or fresh milk. 


How do you make the breastmilk jewelry?


While I often post pictures and videos during the process, and the base of my process is done with trademark Milky Mama Magic Dust preserving agent and the rest has been adapted to how i've best found to complete crafting your jewelry. Know that your piece is properly preserved and handled with love and care before it's combined with jeweler’s grade resin.


How do I mail my inclusions?


Once your order is placed, you will be contacted with an instruction guide on how to mail your items. It’s important to note that I will not take any “lasts” unless it is hand delivered- if it is your last drops of breastmilk, your last lock of hair, etc. In case it would get lost or stolen I do not want this to be your only inclusion left. Please do not mail raw placenta, I will only accept powdered placenta. Please only mail thawed breastmilk, not frozen. If you are local and are interested in a "drop off" option we can also arrange that.


How much of the inclusion item do you need?


Most pieces can be made with these amounts, but if you have less and would still like a piece made, I can use less as well. Your inclusion may be less noticeable or less dense.
Breastmilk: 5 mls-2 ounces
Hair/fur: small lock of 1-inch hair or longer
Umbilical cord stump: 1/2-1 inch in length
Placenta powder: 2 capsules

What if I don't have enough breastmilk?

Not to worry! Although many pieces only require as little as 5ml, we have some options for you if you don't have enough supply. We can use whatever you have to send, and supplement the remaining that I need for your piece with formula, water, or soy milk. If you prefer to use only breastmilk, I have donated breastmilk in stock from very generous previous clients that have donated milk for people who want breastmilk jewelry and donated milk has represented a part of their breastfeeding journey or have either stopped nursing or have a low supply. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!


Will my jewelry look like the sample picture?


Because each person’s milk is a different color and fat content varies, each jewelry piece will appear different. For example, breastmilk looks very different when you've been breastfeeding a newborn compared to a toddler. Health of the child also affects milk - since our bodies react to illness to create more antibodies to assist the child in getting better, a sick child will create a different coloring of milk in the mother. I don’t add color to the milk unless requested. Please remember that you’re purchasing a handmade item, not a manufactured piece of jewelry. This means that each and every piece I create will look different. Inclusions can sometimes change colors when mixed with the chemical and hair may be darker because it appears wet in jewelry resin. 


Also note that although you may like the sample picture, that is only provided to represent the style of jewelry being purchased. Hair placement may differ than what is pictured. Because of the nature of working with jewelry resin, evidence of the handcraft may be present. This means that micro air bubbles, mold lines, sanding imperfections, etc might be visible. Bead caps may be off centered and inclusion placement may vary. These things are sometimes uncontrollable but I strive each and every time to get your piece as close to your vision as possible and client satisfaction is of utmost importance. These instances do not grant you a refund, exchange, or return. If you are not completely in love with your piece, please contact me and we can discuss your options since oftentimes it can be easily fixed.


Due to the nature of the items, returns, refunds and exchanges are not accepted. By ordering from Luna Birth Services, you understand and accept that handmade keepsake jewelry will not be 100% flawless.



Will the metal tarnish or become damaged?


There are a few different metal options to purchase with our pieces. Many of our pieces come in sterling silver or gold filled while others are gold plated.  Sometimes tarnishing is unavoidable due to chemicals in the air and environmental factors but you can protect your piece by avoiding long exposure to direct sunlight and taking jewelry off before showering and swimming. Treat this piece as you would any delicate, valuable jewelry. This means avoiding topical creams, perfumes, oils, soaps, cleaners, and lotions will help protect your piece. Be mindful of activity while wearing your piece- excessive sweat and sunlight will cause damage to your jewelry. Remove before bedtime and store out of direct sunlight.


What if my breastmilk jewelry turns yellow?


With the Milky Mama Magic Dust and proper milk preservation, discoloration to the point of being yellow or brown should not occur. This means the milk is rotting. But since I’m only human, there is a possibility of human error during the preservation process. Some yellowing is common and due to the resin, not the breastmilk - all resin slightly yellows over time, following the care instructions will help prevent this from happening. Typically, if milk is not preserved correctly, it will discolor in the first few months. Should this happen, contact me and we can discuss your options. I want you to be fully satisfied with your piece, that’s why I offer a 6-month guarantee. If your milk turns brown within that time and we deem it to be a preservation issue, I will replace it with another similar keepsake (not guaranteed the same keepsake due to stock with my suppliers and availability). I do return to you any leftover preserved milk or inclusion which i encourage you to keep for at least 6 months in case a piece needs to be replaced or if you would like to purchase another piece at a later date. I am not responsible for damage caused by improper jewelry care and will not create a new piece in these circumstances. After the 6 month period, no customer is granted a new piece because milk that discolors after that period is not due to preservation error.


What if I have a piece in mind you do not currently offer?

Custom pieces can be ordered! The cost and turn around time are generally higher as it takes time to newly source supplies and quality jewelry findings. If you have a custom piece in mind or an inspiration picture fill out the order form and in the comment section note that you would like a custom piece and I will then contact you to begin the custom process. A deposit will be requested at the start of the process and once all the jewelry findings are sourced a final cost will be given and the rest of the payment due in full to start the crafting process.

How do I know when my piece is done?


Keepsake jewelry can be a lengthy process. I will try my best to keep you updated throughout but please remain patient and try to refrain from continual messaging as it doesn’t speed the process along. I’m just as excited about your piece as you are! Once finished, I will contact you to let you know of its completion. You will be sent tracking information once your piece is mailed out or a meeting time will be arranged.


What is your cancellation policy?


As mentioned above, due to the nature of keepsake jewelry, returns, refunds, and cancellations are not accepted. Once your order is placed, the process has begun. It’s important to read through the website and decide what you’d like to order before purchasing.

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