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Keeping Your Baby Close


Babywearing Consulting

I would love to share my passion of babywearing with you and help you get started. It can be overwhelimng and a little intimidating when trying to navigate all the different options on your own. If you would  like to inlcude this service, a long with me being your doula, of me taking one-on-one time with you to introduce you to babywearing, give you hands on help with your carrier or try out some of the carriers I have please mention it when you contact me.


Benefits of Babywearing

  • Babies who are carried in baby carriers are shown to cry less, especially during evening hours.

  • Parents are more confident with mothers lowering their risk for postpartum depression

  • It's convenient! You are able to keep baby close, better able to respond to their needs, all while giving you free hands to tend to other children or make outings much easier

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Postpartum Support

If you have already welcomed your little one into the world and would just like some experienced help with figuring out this babywearing thing, please feel free to contact me for this specialized service!

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